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Automotive Test System

With Backer - Intelligent Heating & Control

The Problem

Backer needed a set of mobile test systems, capable of measuring high voltages and currents. The unit under test, a truck heater, required LIN commands to perform certain functions and regular coolant flow to prevent overheating. Operator safety and logging useful data were top priorities.

The Solution

A mobile test system, built with agility and operator safety in mind. Unlike some of our other projects, the software did not rely on QESTIT platforms and was custom made to suit the customer needs.


This system was a simple but important part of a larger test routine conducted by Backer for a truck heater. It was integrated with other components to form an End Of Line (EOL) test suite, checking the heater's safety and performance. This system was a unique challenge, as it was not a typical EOL test system and was used (in part) to calibrate units to perform better before release. Result capture and operator safety were the top priorities. Users needed to capture as much useful information as possible to improve the heater before launch and before releasing produced heaters to Backer's customers. Substantial failures (failures which cannot be fixed) in units would generate data which would be used to improve future designs.

From this description of the problem, we built a custom program which recorded all the data from high voltage sensors, other sensors and LIN communication from the Unit Under Test (UUT). Usually when making EOL or production test systems, we rely on our testing platform QATS. This speeds up development and ensures reliability. However, this use case necessitated a new custom program.

"As QESTIT are customer driven, we want to ensure that customers receive the best solution and sometimes that requires building from the ground up! The program was designed to be simple but powerful. Its safety features were extensively tested for failures."

Christopher Hyde, System Architect



Safety in our systems is always important. When operating with products that can go over 800V, the consequences of a unresponsive system can be severe. All our products are CE Certification Marked and conform to industry standard safety regulations. Operator Safety was assured by:

  • Placing all high voltage components inside of boxes to prevent electrocution

  • Using safety signals from the UUT and other system components, to stop testing if the user is at risk

  • Securing all cables and other hazards

  • Performing Risk Analysis calculations as determined by EU regulations

  • Proving a detailed set of documentation including a specification, user manual and extra external documents 


In summary Backer received easily movable and safe test system which stores information into a readable file format. The software was configurable and can easily expanded on in the future.

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Mats Backlund

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