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Are you also passionate about testing and want to work in multiple industries with different projects?  At our company, you will work closely with your colleagues on both small and large projects,
as we are a small team. You will have the opportunity to develop your technical skills,
leverageyour experience, and manage your own projects.


We are looking for someone who wants to lead the development of testing and quality assurance, not just follow it. We believe in a mix of personalities who share the same values and culture, and we believe that the best workplace is created when you as an employee have the opportunity and freedom to influence methods, development, training, time off, etc.

So if you are looking for a future in test and measurement technology,
check out our available positions!

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Test Developer

Location: Gothenburg

Experience: Graduate or Early Career

You will primarily be working in-house assisting and then creating complete testing solutions (from design to result management)


Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
Systems Architect

Location: Gothenburg

Experience: Background in Testing or R&D

You will be responsible for creating complete test systems, budget/time management and developing new products/services


A place for all fo you


Continuous learning is one of our strongest foundational pillars. Developing to be the absolute best consultants the market can offer. Learning from both our successes and mistakes.


Anyone of us can take the initiative and drive activities and events. Therefore, something is happening almost all the time. Everything from ski trips and wine tastings to hackathons and training sessions. What are you interested in?


Like other companies, we offer wellness activities. But we're not talking about which facility you must become a member of; you decide that for yourself as long as it complies with the current regulations from the Tax Agency.

After work

We enjoy socializing with happy friends. And we are very curious. It's a winning combination. Meeting with openness and respect for each other and our differences. Exciting encounters are guaranteed.

Our Culture

We have a unique corporate culture. Our focus is on helping our customers achieve their goals and create a functioning world! We prioritize our employees and have worked to create a strong company spirit. We know that if we expect the best results from you, you expect the best from us!


To achieve this, we have changed how our company operates. At our company, employees are responsible for budgeting their work equipment and purchasing what best suits their needs. We have eliminated the traditional hierarchical management structure, which has empowered colleagues/everyone to manage their own projects.

We organize regular international conferences and local events, ranging from medieval sword fighting to indoor skydiving and even trips to Alicante. All employees are welcome to take initiative and drive activities throughout the year.


Meet the team

We are a team of engineers with over 100 years of combined experience in the testing industry. Many of us have previously worked for companies like Ericsson and Endevo. We are specialize in various areas or software and rely on each other's expertise.

Mats Backlund


Mats Backlund divides his time between working on test systems and acting as QESTIT Systems's sales co-ordinator.

kristoffer transparent bild.jpg
Kristoffer Lagerström


Kristoffer Lagerström has many years of experience within R&D and production test development as well as test manager roles.

Mattias Ericsson kopia.jpg
Mattias Ericsson

R&D Manager, Architect

Mattias Ericsson has over 10 years of experience working for QESTIT Systems and is a lead developer behind our software range.

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