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Get control of your data

Reach your goals

In a world where everything goes faster and the demands become higher, it is necessary to have full control over your stations, data and results so that development and testing goes as intended. A more effective quality assurance improves your development and shortens development times.

We offer test software for both production and R&D, and we adapt all software to your needs. 


Total controll on your test stations 

Quality Test Management

QTM (Quality Test Management) is a remote management solution that keeps your test stations synchronized, updated and monitors their status. The solution ensures that your stations always have the correct test software, item configuration and firmware for your products by publishing and sending new releases to the test stations with direct feedback. All activities are logged in the application making it easy to track changes, find out what has changed and when the change occurred at a station.


Global Management

Define where your stations are positioned in the world and publish to all stations, or individual stations of your choice.


Keep Station in Sync

Get instant feedback and keep track of software, articles and firmware.


Easy Tracking

All changes are logged, making it easy to track activities. The software also has Live monitoring.


Statistics on all you data

Quality Result Management

Our software QRM (Quality Result Management), is a web-based results management system that stores and analyzes test data and test results. On top of measurement data, QRM provides additional information such as traceability of which station is used, configuration version and the object under test (UUT). QRM is a flexible system that uses web servers, databases and ATML. It can be configured in different ways to match your needs and your IT infrastructure. We can also add new functions according to your needs.


You own the Results and the System

You own the system and data and are not dependent on suppliers. You will be able to see results from multiple suppliers and have admin fuctionality. 


Fast Production

Setup automatic processes and see results and yield within minutes of tests being completed​​.


Easly Analyze Test Processes

Acces to built-in analysis functions such as Yield analysis​, SPC and capability analysis. Graphing functions make the information easier to interpret.

Do you need a test or measurement system?

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The purpose of the guide is to make it easier for you to figure out which system you need and to understand how a system for testing or measuring is structured.

The guide goes into detail about the different systems' parts and the services needed for development, commissioning and maintenance. Also what opportunities are there for those who already have an existing system.

The guide is in Swedish 

Need help?

We are test and measurement experts

We have over 100 years of combined experience in the profession and have helped companies in all types of industries and stages of product development achieve their goals.

If yout want to know more about us and our Test Software or try a demo, just send us an email or give us a call! 

Mats Backlund


+46 735 142 190

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Kristoffer Lagerström


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