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QMAX - R&D Testing Software 

QMAX is a user controlled software platform where users can create and run their own tests, connected to their own hardware or software. These tests can then be deployed to real-time hardware or run independently from a PC system. Your can choose the file format to record and export your test data. QMAX's simple user interface and streamlined workflow decreases setup time allowing you to get started quickly. It's flexibility and versatility makes it ideal for use in R&D sectors.


QMAX has already seen deployment in the household appliance and medical industries. For more information or demos on QMAX, contact Styrbjörn Ekman.

1. Login and Select a Configuration

Log into QMAX using custom login accounts. Each account can be configured with different setups, permissions and aesthetics.  

2. Add Instruments, Tests and Sequences

Create custom tests or test sequences, test variables or simulator software algorithms. Add hardware from a pre-existing list of instruments or create new instruments using the built in instrument editor.

3. Deploy to real time systems or Windows PCs

Deploy your test program to a headless real-time system (NI cRIO) or run the sequence on a PC. Begin monitoring data in real time and save your data to file.

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What does a QMAX system do? 

A QMAX system consists of 2 main components.


  1. Firstly the QMAX HMI (Human Machine Interface) available for PC or mobile phones. It offers user panels for system configuration, sample configuration, sequence editing, sample monitoring, real-time presentation of measurement data in graphs and gauge. All items are saved as easily shareable .ih files.

  2. A QMAX Engine which manages all measuring, controlling, monitoring and sequence execution. The engine is run on a real-time computing system such as as cRIO  or PXI. For "lighter" applications using only a PC is sufficient.

Integrate QMAX into your workflow through one-on-one instruction provided by QMAX's lead designer. Training is highly specialized to your needs and the needs of your industry.


Support with QMAX goes beyond help with training or technical support. As QMAX is a continually developing platform, changes or new features to the software are always possible. We'd love to hear your feedback on issues you face or potential new features or improvements.

QMAX Support and Training

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For more information please contact QMAX's creator and lead designer, Styrbjörn Ekman, using the information below.

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Styrbjörn Ekman

Want to know how QMAX can be customized for your organisation?

Call: +46 735 413 575

QMAX Creator and Test Engineer

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