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Course: Quality Result Management


The QRM Course covers the fundamentals of data storage and management in QRM. It is aimed at engineers, managers or test operators who will be using QRM regularly. This course will provide you with the toolbox you need to store, access and analyse data quickly and easily. The focus of the course is to combine theory and exercises with practical implementation.

Course Goals

The focus of the course is to combine the theory and design exercises with practical implementation.

Day 1 - Using QRM

Main Goal: Develop a full understanding of how QRM works

  • Module 1: A general overview of QRM - why it exists and what it can do

  • Module 2: Using the QRM Web Application - site navigation and result analysis

  • Module 3: QRM Administration - installing QRM, user management and configuration

  • Module 4: Basics of Statistical Process Control (SPC) - in depth analysis of data for 6 sigma and other calculations

  • Module 5: Basics of Measurement System Analytics (MSA) - Gage R&R study of a measurement system


Practical demos and analysis of your data using QRM

Who Should Participate?

Those who will be using QRM on a regular basis.


  • A QRM licence

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