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QATS - Quality Automated Test System 

QATS is QESTIT's test software platform solution. Watch the video below for more information on how our test systems are developed using the QATS platform and how this reduces test development time and cost.

Using the power of QATS, we can quickly develop new test systems and add to existing systems. QATS also makes systems easier to maintain and debug, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. If you order a test system from us it will most likely be made using the QATS platform. The screenshots below show what a QATS system Graphical User Interface (GUI) looks like. This is roughly representative of what most of our delivered test systems look like.


For more information about our products or projects, please contact Mats Backlund, using the information below.


Mats Backlund

Want to know how we can help your organisation?

Call: +46 735 142 190

Systems Architect and Sales Representative

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