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QTM - Quality Test Management 

QTM is a remote management solution that keeps your test stations in sync, up to date, and monitors their
running status. QTM make sure that your stations always have the correct test software, article configuration and firmware for your products by publishing and pushing new releases to the test stations with instant feedback.


All actions are logged which makes it easy to track changes, see what has changed and when the change occurred on a client. All client stations connect to the master server and perform local synchronization with the master each time a change occur. The server monitors the client stations and present a live overview of the running status of all connected clients.

Why use QTM?


Global Management

  • Define site locations

  • Publish to all stations


Keep Station in Sync

  • Instant feedback 

  • Software, articles, and firmware


Easy Tracking

  • Logs all changes 

  • Live monitoring

How does QTM work?

QTM consists of two parts:

Web Server Application

  • Provides an instant overview of active client stations, sync status and package installation status.

  • Software distributed as zip, files, msi installers or NI packages (nipkg). Published to all station clients on a site location or individual station clients with automatic processing and installation of packages with manual action option.

  • Define articles and publish to a site location or individual station clients. Option to define properties such as key-values and include additional information, Bill-of-Materials (BOM) structure, label information and serial number structure. Firmware packages are assigned to articles so that the correct article configuration is available at the test stations. QTM can also be used as serial number generator.

  • Provides user management with different authorization levels from administrator to local station users. Accessible via the API, meaning that the same users that are configured in QTM can be used in the test program.

  • Option to assign different firmware to different product versions, variants, or release states.


Local Station Client Application

  • Executes as a Windows service and is always connected to the master client service and keeps packages, articles and firmware synchronized and up to date.

  • Monitors local status and enables required manual actions using a browser.

  • REST API allows test software to query QTM for required information such as: station articles (including article information, firmware, labels, serial generators, bill-of-materials structure, and test sequences), station settings and connection status to server.

  • REST API provides methods to check QTM master connection and synchronization to prevent problems that are caused by the network connection being lost which may result in production running without the latest changes.

  • Option for test software to report current test status whether station is running or not to QTM through the API.

  • LabVIEW driver available and Swagger API that allows QTM connection in any language.

System Requirements for QTM

  • Microsoft Windows 10/Server 2008 R2/Server 2012 R2/Server 2016/Server 2019 with .NET 5 runtime installed.

  • On server side only: Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2/2012/2014/2016/2017/2019 (all versions, license is not included)

  • Browsers: Edge, Safari and Chrome are all supported


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