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Result Management

Go Further with Result Management 

Result Management is more than just the storage of important data. It is the process of:

  • Making data accessible to those who need it wherever they are. Decreasing the time to share data, empowering employees with the knowledge to fix test failures in future releases or make manufacturing adjustments faster.

  • Making data presentable with a readable format alongside charts and data tables. Reducing software training time and the time needed to format data.

  • Keeping data secure/protected. Making it so only those who have the correct access can see the data sets they need. Protecting you from data blackmail or accidental destruction/loss of important data.

  • Formatting information for further analysis or performing analysis on existing data sets. Giving managers the tool they need to predict future failures and improve manufacturing statistics.

  • Owning the data so your systems are not dependent on external stakeholders. Companies and products change hands but your data shouldn't.

  • Making all systems work with your existing IT infrastructure. 

At QESTIT, we understand the complexities of making a powerful management solution which works. We have extensive experience in developing and installing these solutions. When developing a result management system we built it around real customer needs and continually update the solution as our customer's needs change.

What can QESTIT Offer for Result Management?

Our primary platform for Result Management is our Quality Result Management software (QRM). QRM is a web based result management system that stores and analyzes test results. QRM data consists of not only the measurement data but also additional information such as the traceability of the station/equipment used, configuration version and additional Unit Under Test (UUT) information. This information can stored and maintained at your site or on QESTIT cloud solutions.

It is a flexible system, making use of web servers, databases and ATML XML* data. This system can be setup on a single computer, servers or cloud solutions. It can be configured in different ways to match your needs and IT infrastructure. We can add new features or requirements for each customer needs. Please contact us for more information about the platform or check out the QRM page for more details and tutorials.

*ATML (Automated Test Markup Language) is an XML standard to exchange test data.


For more information about our products or projects, please contact Mats Backlund, using the information below.


Mats Backlund

Want to know how we can help your organisation?

Call: +46 735 142 190

Systems Architect and Sales Representative

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