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Test Software

We offer test software for all types of testing, both for production and R&D (Research and Development). Among other things, we have software for analysis and result management, management and monitoring of test stations, as well as test frameworks developed in LabVIEW. All our test software is customized to meet your needs and preferences. It is important for us to help you achieve your goals, so we are dedicated to delivering what you need to succeed. We also offer reviews, training, and software development training as needed.

On the following pages, you will find information about each software. Contact us if you have any questions or if you are curious about how we can assist you.


QMAX - R&D Testing Software 

A user controlled software platform where users can create and run their own tests, connected to their own hardware or software. 


QRM - Quality Result Management 

A web based result management system that stores and analyzes test results. It gives you traceability, configurations version and UUT. 

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QTM - Quality Test Management

A remote management solution that keeps your test stations in sync, up to date, and monitors their running status.


QATS - Quality Automated Test System 

Our Test Software platform solution. Easy to maintain and debug as well as reducing downtime.


LabVIEW G# Framework

 A free, award winning add-on toolkit for LabVIEW that enables reference based object-oriented programming.



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High quality products!

We work hard to achieve our customers' needs and ensure high quality in our deliveries. Here you can read about our case studies.


A test software refers to all the programs required and used in a computer to perform a test.

Some of our Customers

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