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QMAX is our measurement and control software for lab automation, R&D. It is a user-controlled platform where users can create and run their own tests, connected to their own hardware or software. The tests can be sent to real-time hardware and run independently of a PC system. You can choose the file format you want to use for recording and exporting your test data.

QMAX has a user-friendly interface and a streamlined workflow, which reduces development time and allows you to get started quickly. The platform offers flexibility and versatility, making it perfect for the product development phase.

Previously, QMAX has been implemented in the medical industry and household appliances. For more information or access to a demo, please contact Styrbjörn Ekman.


Reduces Errors

In a laboratory setting, precision and accuracy are paramount. Any errors in measurements, data recording, or procedures can lead to unreliable results and potentially costly consequences.



QMAX is modular software and are easy to adapt to your measurement needs by removing and adding functions.


Optimize your workflow

​Automating tasks, improving the speed of data analysis, or simplifying complex procedures. The goal is to make the entire laboratory operation more efficient, saving time and resources.

How does QMAX work?

A QMAX test system consists of 2 main components:


1.QMAX HMI (Human Machine Interface), available for both PC and mobile phones. It provides user panels for system configuration, sample configuration, sequence editing, sample monitoring, as well as real-time presentation of measurement data in graphs and meters. All objects are saved as shareable .ih files.


2.QMAX Engine. This is the "engine" that handles all measurement, control, monitoring, and sequence execution. The engine can run on a real-time computing system such as cRIO or PXI. For lighter applications, a PC alone is sufficient.

QMAX Support & Training

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Integrate QMAX into your workflow through one-on-one instruction provided by QMAX's lead designer. Training is highly specialized to your needs and the needs of your industry.


Support with QMAX goes beyond help with training or technical support. As QMAX is a continually developing platform, changes or new features to the software are always possible. We'd love to hear your feedback on issues you face or potential new features or improvements.

Contact Styrbjörn for more information.




What kind of solution your production test system needs depends on your production volume and your products complexity. Over the years we have accumulated knowledge, tools and solutions enabling us to quickly determine what is needed and to develop test systems for all productions.


Aerospace Testing

In the aerospace industry, the challenge lies in adapting test systems to evolving product developments, emphasizing cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and efficiency. The solution is a rack-mounted, fully modular PXI-based test station. This system can handle over 2500 channels, supporting voltages up to +300V and sample speeds of up to 1.8MS/s. Aerospace test systems built on this platform are highly reliable, boast impressive throughput, and offer easy calibration with a universal VPC interface. The software is both modular and configurable, making it simple to incorporate new products or variants.

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