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The Systems Team

Mats Backlund


+46 735 142 190

Björn Svedberg
150417_fyrberg_9867 kopia.jpg

Systems Architect

Magnus Andersson
150901_fyrberg_11925 kopia.jpg

Systems Architect

Johannes Grunedal
Johannes Grunedal2.png

Systems Architect

Albert Berqvist
Albert Bergqvist.png

Systems Architect

Kristoffer Lagerström
IMG_0026-transparent liten komprimerad.png

+46 761 892 600

Glenn Norberg
150901_fyrberg_11938 kopia 2 (kopia).jpg

Systems Architect

Tobias Lannerberth
170616_fyrberg_25203_low_res (kopia).jpg

Systems Architect

Niklas Hammersberg
Niklas H transparent_edited.png

Systems Architect

Robin Jacobsson
Robin profilbild transparent.png

Systems Architect

Mattias Ericsson
Mattias Ericsson kopia.jpg

Systems Architect & Team Lead

Styrbjörn Ekman
170616_fyrberg_25136_low_res (kopia).jpg

On-Site Test Engineer & QMAX Owner

+46 735 413 575

Robert Schmitt
robert schmitt transparent 1_edited_edited.png

Systems Architect

Christer Jarl
Christer profilbild transparent.png

Systems Architect

The Team

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The System's Office

We are located in the center of Gothenburg close to the central station, on the first floor of Odinsgatan 11. Please call us using the intercom and we will let you into the building.

For all other QESTIT offices or information about hiring all kinds of test consultants, please go to the main QESTIT Website.

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