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Software Support and Pricing

Our Support

Even well-built systems will in time need adjustments and replacement of parts. We offer different service and support agreements where we will handle support requests when needed and/or training for your staff to handle the maintenance of your system. Some examples are below, please contact us for more information or for any questions.


Once a system is implemented we can train your staff to handle the test or measurement system. This can include maintenance and further development of the system. Take a look at our Education Page for more details.


A test design specialist can assist you in all phases of product development; helping you find what to test, how to design your product for test and help you to design your system (software and hardware) that evolves together with your product.

Immediate Support

Support is just one call away. If you system breaks down or is not working as expected, give us a call for immediate support and we will assist you in fixing the problem.

Fully Outsourced

With a team of software test specialists, we can ensure that your test system is reliable. If you choose to outsource your test systems to us, we take care of maintenance and adjust the system as your products evolve.

Project Pricing

We have 2 main pricing models, with additional support agreements.
Please contact us for any price related questions.

1. Time and Materials

In this model we charge for the time our engineers spend on the project and any hardware, software or other materials used in the project. For this reason the exact final cost is unknown/variable. The variable cost model is recommended when there are important uncertainties in the project. We will do an estimation of cost for materials and hours spent beforehand, but since all costs cannot be foreseen your final cost might be higher or lower than our estimation.

2. Fixed Price

In this model we charge a fixed price for a project. It is recommended you know the exact costs of development beforehand and we will take the risk for unexpected extra costs and delays. Often a contract can consist of both a fixed price and variable costs. With a turn-key solution we deliver a complete test or measurement system to you, including everything from doing a pre-study to design and service and support.

Support Agreements

With our service and support agreement you are entitled to personal support from our test engineers. The support agreements vary from system to system, and can be customized for what you need.

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High quality products through testing

Here you will find information about who we are, our history and our Social Responsability work.


End Of Line

Often, the finished product consists of multiple circuit boards, wiring, other electronics, and components. The circuit boards have already been tested and approved in a PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) test, so the EOL test ensures that none of the remaining components have been assembled incorrectly.

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