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We provide a range of QESTIT and third-party courses in Gothenburg and Stockholm, along with on-site courses across Europe, taught by experienced professionals in test consultancy. Additionally, we offer flexible service and support agreements to address system maintenance and support requests, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your systems. Contact us for further details and pricing.


Courses & Education

Discover our courses taught by experienced people in the industry. We offer courses for LabVIEW G#, Result Managemant as well as NI Courses.


Software Support & Pricing

Our service and support agreements encompass both responsive support as needed and training for your staff to independently manage system maintenance.

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Automotive Test System

Backer required mobile test systems to measure high voltages and currents for truck heaters, emphasizing operator safety and data logging. A customized, non-QESTIT platform-based program was developed to record data from high voltage sensors, LIN communication, and various sensors from the Unit Under Test (UUT). Safety measures included enclosing high voltage components, utilizing safety signals to halt testing in case of risk, and ensuring compliance with CE Certification Mark and EU regulations for operator safety. 


Test Developer

You will primarily be working in-house creating complete testing solutions. Our team is responsible for all stages of the design and development process including the purchasing of equipment, product assembly and software development. Most of the software development is performed in LabVIEW.


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