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Open Positions

We are always on the lookout for more engineers regardless of background or experience. Take a look at our available positions and submit an application if you believe we are a good fit for you, or send an open application if your desired role is not currently listed. We are seeking colleagues who are curious, engaged, and enjoy creating things!

*Please note that you must have the right to reside and work in Sweden to apply.

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Test Developer

Location: Gothenburg

Experience: Graduate or Early Career

You will primarily be working in-house assisting and then creating complete testing solutions (from design to result management).

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Systems Architect

Location: Gothenburg

Experience: Background in Testing or R&D

You will be responsible for creating complete test systems, budget/time management and developing new products/services.


Test System Seller

Experience: Background in Engineering Sales

In the aerospace industry, test systems often need large amounts of high voltage/current channels. Often, products undergo continuous development and test systems must adapt to reflect these changes.


Thank you!

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