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Case Studies


Aerospace Testing

Company: Aerospace Industry

Category: R&D/Production Testing

Industry: Aerospace

In the aerospace industry, test systems often need large amounts of high voltage/current channels. Products undergo continuous development and test systems must adapt to reflect these changes.


Automotive Test System

Company: Backer

Category: R&D/Production Testing

Industry: Automotive

Backer needed a set of mobile test systems, capable of measuring high voltages/currents & LIN communication. Operator safety and logging useful data were top priorities.


Control and Monitoring

Company: Chalmers Uni. of Technology

Category: R&D

Industry: Research/University

Chalmers University's Energy Technology department are working on revolutionizing power generation. As part of this research, they require a system that can monitor and save a variety of signals.


EOL Airflow Testing

Company: 3M

Category: Production Testing

Industry: Consumer

3M developed a welding mask that supplies users with filtered air when being used. Fans for this product required testing to ensure they provide effective and stable airflow with adjustable temperatures.


EOL Headphone Testing

Company: 3M

Category: Production Testing

Industry: Military

3M needed a modular solution which allowed operators to test different kinds of headphones easily in a soundproof environment. All while conforming to high 3M standards.

compactDAQ Medical Product

Healthcare Testing

Company: A Healthcare Company

Category: Production Testing

Industry: Medical

In the medical industry, ensuring the quality of products is essential. When moving production from abroad to Sweden, our customer wanted an existing test system to be redesigned to be more reliable.


HMI Testing

Company: Nibe

Category: Production Testing

Industry: Consumer

Nibe wanted to test a Human Machine Interface (HMI) on an existing test station already used in production. The HMI featured a touch screen for receiving and displaying information.


Modular PCB Testing

Company: Nibe

Category: Production Testing

Industry: Consumer

When producing a broad range of different PCBs in batches, how can you ensure quality, reliability and result management? While also reducing development and maintenance costs?



We build a world that works

A production test system performs testing of your hardware and consists of measurement instruments, fixtures, test software, programming software for downloading software into the product, documentation, maintenance plans, support, and more. The purpose is to identify any errors that occur during manufacturing.


With focus on quality 

We collaborate with a diverse range of companies, both large and small, to provide tailored solutions that fit your needs. Our customers span various industries, serving both Scandinavian and international markets. Whether you're dealing with headphones, PCB testing, respirators, or digger controllers

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