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Test Systems

We offer test systems for R&D, production and PCBA as well as End Of Line test systems to ensure the quality of all functionality in the manufacturing process. Our test systems are tailored to your specific needs and requirements because it is important for us to deliver exactly what you need to achieve the right quality. With many years of experience in designing test systems, we assist companies in all types of industries and stages of product development, from low-volume medical systems to high-volume consumer products. We can make your testing process simple.

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Test Systems Production

Identify errors that occur during manufacturing and preventing flawed products from reaching customers and preserving reputation.


Test Systems R&D

R&D testing ensures that your product is not only designed effectively but also exhibits seamless functionality, and durability throughout usage.


Test Systems PCBA

Verify that all functions of the circuit board (PCBA) are working correctly and prevents production errors.


Test Systems End Of Line

Used at the end of the production process and serves as the final test to ensure that the product functions as intended before leaving the factory.

A test system is a system that ensures that all essential functions are working properly. You test your own products during development or production to identify bugs and manufacturing defects before a product is released to the customer. We design and quality-assure test systems before delivery to ensure optimal performance.

All products require some form of validation or testing before delivery. In some cases, this involves implementing production tests for circuit board testing (PCBA) or testing of the finished product. During product development, the product may require flexible R&D testing to identify flaws, especially in industries such as automotive or aviation. Complex goods may even require both types of testing.



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Modular PCBA Test System

Nibe faced challenges with their diverse range of PCBAs, leading to slow testing and data storage issues. By using our software platform and an adaptable testing station, we streamlined test generation and switching, storing results in a unified cloud solution. A flexible NI PXI(e) hardware approach, facilitated by a Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) interface, accommodated various PCBA hardware interfaces. LabVIEW-based software enabled quick test sequence switches and result management via the web-based QRM system, ultimately enhancing Nibe's manufacturing efficiency and product improvement.

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