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- Quality Automated Test System

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QATS - Quality Automated Test System is our own test software platform. It is a modular solution where you can reuse code, and it has a plugin-based architecture that allows you to easily add or remove code to handle communication, measurement instruments, result export, and more. It is a versatile test platform that can provide sequential and parallel testing to users in all industries. QATS uses configurable XML files to manage testing, and the files can be easily modified by editing them with a text editor. This enables us to quickly develop new test systems and add functionality to existing systems.

A system with QATS is easy to maintain and troubleshoot, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The platform has been continuously developed for 10 years and has been influenced by customers and projects in various industries. If you order a test system from us, it is highly likely that it will be developed using QATS. The platform can be used for all types of industries and projects.

For more information on how our systems are developed with QATS and how it reduces test development time and costs, please refer to our video.

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Fast Development

Due to it's modular solution, we can reuse code from previous projects, which speeds up development and reduces cost

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Easy maintenance and troubleshooting

Fewer downtime occurrences and lower maintenance costs​

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Can be used in Any Project

You can apply QATS to any project due to its flexibility

How does QATS work?

QATS works by providing a seamless transition between different test sequences, allowing you to perform various tests and test different products using the same test station. Within the platform, you can see the test being executed, its status, and the results, including information about any detected errors. QATS allows you to have different station configurations, enabling you to change hardware setups without modifying the code.

The platform offers the following test configurations, and you can use any data source you prefer:

  • Parameters

  • Limits

  • Logging

  • Calibration

  • Test sequences

  • Hardware setups

QATS software features include calibration, compensation, and the system log, which is highly useful for maintenance purposes and support requests.

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About QATS

Explore the commonly asked questions regarding QATS gathered here. If you have any queries that remain unanswered, feel free to contact us.


End Of Line

The End of Line (EOL) test system, used at the end of production, ensures products function as intended before leaving the factory. It verifies correct component assembly, employs wiring, cameras, and mechanical mechanisms to confirm button placement and functionality, and may include operational testing in advanced cases.

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