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Test System End Of Line

An End of Line (EOL) test system is used at the end of the production process and serves as the final test to ensure that the product functions as intended before leaving the factory. The purpose of the test is to identify any units that are not functioning properly.

Often, the finished product consists of multiple circuit boards, wiring, other electronics, and components. The circuit boards have already been tested and approved in a PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) test, so the EOL test ensures that none of the remaining components have been assembled incorrectly. The test system often includes wiring to connect to the product, cameras to verify the correct placement and functionality of buttons and LEDs, and mechanical mechanisms to press the product's buttons to activate various functions.

Advanced products may require additional connections such as compressed air, vacuum, water, etc. It is not uncommon for the product to undergo operational testing during the EOL test, meaning that the product is powered on and tested under realistic conditions.

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Quality Assurance

The test ensures that everything functions optimally before the product reaches the customers.

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Benefits for the company

Fewer defects lead to fewer recalls and complaints in the future, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.



All test reports are stored so that the results can be retrieved for a specific product's serial number. Often, a test report is also printed and included with the product.

In line with the requirement specification

During an End of Line test, we thoroughly test the product's functionalities and ensure that the components have been manufactured according to the specifications. We design, manufacture, and customize the test system according to your needs, ensuring that it operates according to the specifications.



G# in LabVIEW

The G# System Development Course is designed for LabVIEW developers seeking to grasp object-oriented programming fundamentals, combining theory, design exercises, and practical implementation. This two-day course equips participants to become professional LabVIEW software developers, offering insights into G# development, its advantages, and the utilization of polymorphism in object-oriented languages.


EOL Headphone Testing

 A soundproof test chamber for military purposes! 

3M needed a solution to test various types of headphones in a soundproof environment for military purposes, ensuring high operator safety. When it comes to high-voltage electronics or intricate components, our primary concern and priority is operator safety. Using our QATS platform and experience from other projects, we designed a soundproof testing chamber with self-calibration, ensuring high safety standards for operators to use and conduct sound tests in a controlled environment.

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