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Test System PCBA

A circuit board test system is a system used for production testing to test and verify that all functions of the circuit board (PCBA) are working correctly.

Defective or poorly manufactured circuit boards result in production errors and incur additional costs in terms of time and rework or repair of the boards. Therefore, the testing phase is crucial in the manufacturing process. A circuit board consists of many electrical components, and it is important to identify any potential faults that may prevent the board from functioning as intended. Circuit board testing helps identify problems early in the process.

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No unnecessary additional costs in production or for recalling and repairing defective products.

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Quality assurance

By starting testing early and continuously, you ensure a high-quality circuit board where all functions work correctly, and no defective products leave the factory.



All test reports are stored so that you can retrieve the results for a specific product's serial number in the future.

From design to complete test system

We design, manufacture, and customize the test system according to your needs and ensure that it functions according to the specification requirements.

To connect the test equipment to the product, a test fixture is usually required. When the fixture is closed, the circuit board is connected via spring-loaded pins. The test equipment also includes the instruments and electronics required to test your specific product. A computer with a test application then automatically performs the tests and stores all results in a database.



QATS - Quality Automated Test System

QATS is our own test software platform. This is a modular solution designed for code reuse, featuring a plugin-based architecture that simplifies the addition or removal of code segments for managing communication, measurement instruments, result export, and other functionalities. A system with QATS is easy to maintain and troubleshoot, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


QESTIT systems 

We are a Gothenburg-based consultancy, operating since 2009, specializing in tailored test and measurement solutions. With extensive experience and support throughout the product development process, we ensure high-quality test systems that align with your goals, enhancing efficiency and reducing development cycles. Read more about our history and social responsibility. 

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