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Test System Production

A production test system performs testing of your hardware and consists of measurement instruments, fixtures, test software, programming software for downloading software into the product, documentation, maintenance plans, support, and more. The purpose is to identify any errors that occur during manufacturing. The earlier a defect is found, the cheaper it is to address. It is costly if a faulty product reaches the end customer, both in terms of money and reputation.

A production test system consists of a fixture or cable for connecting the product to measurement instruments and other electronics. The system includes the specific measurement instruments and components needed for your product. A computer with a test application then automatically performs function tests to ensure that the product is functioning correctly. In most cases, the product's software is loaded during the test using production programming software. Test results are stored in a database, and the results can be easily presented and evaluated using our result management system, QRM.


Thorough testing results in fewer recalls and less rework, leading to lower overall production costs.

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Quality Assurance

Thorough testing ensures the quality of your production and creates products with higher customer satisfaction, increasing trust in your products.



Rigorous testing with a test system allows you to feel confident that your production/products are safe, durable, and meet quality standards.

Fully adapted to your needs

The type of solution your production test system requires depends on your production volume and the complexity of your products. Over the years, we have accumulated knowledge, tools, and developed many test solutions, enabling us to quickly determine what is needed for you. We develop test systems for all types of products.

Whenever possible, we choose solutions that have proven successful in previous projects. Software, test procedures, and measurement methods that we have developed in the past are often reusable, allowing us to focus on customer- and product-specific aspects of the test systems. We purchase cabinets, fixtures, and instruments from reputable suppliers, including Columbia Elektronik, Elpro, and National Instruments.

When developing our test systems, we utilize our test software platform, QATS (Quality Automated Test System), which has been continuously developed for over 10 years based on feedback from our customers. It is a versatile testing platform that can provide sequential and parallel testing to users in all industrial areas. Learn more about QATS here.

A reliable test system consistently maintains quality, reduces total product and maintenance costs, and increases customer satisfaction. We will work with you to develop, design, install, and maintain a complete test system for your production, from design to results management.



Systems Architect

Your central role will be based in-house, where you'll pioneer the development of holistic testing solutions, advanced testing platforms, innovative test software, and results management solutions. Our dynamic team oversees every phase of the design and development journey, spanning equipment procurement, seamless product assembly, and ingenious software creation. The core of our software innovation is centered around LabVIEW, encompassing both embedded and non-embedded systems, while we also harness the capabilities of .Net Core, SSMS, and HTML scripting.


HMI Testing for NIBE

Nibe encountered a challenge when needing to test their touch screen-based HMI device using existing QESTIT Test Stations. To address this, we designed a specialized test fixture incorporating camera vision and precision actuators. This solution enabled efficient batch testing of the latest HMI units, improving quality assurance and user experience for Nibe's products.

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