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Test System R&D

Unlike production tests, which involve a machine executing the same set of commands continuously, R&D tests prioritize user control. Within R&D, tests require manual configuration by the user and need updates as the product or project evolves. Test software also needs adaptation to hardware and software calls. The purpose of development tests is to ensure proper product design, functionality, and durability during usage.

We don't compromise on quality

Even the best plans cannot account for unexpected failures. We understand that quality is non-negotiable. A reliable testing system maintains consistent quality, reduces overall product and maintenance costs, and enhances customer satisfaction. We stand by you throughout the process, from design, development, installation, to maintenance.

We use our QMAX test software for R&D testing systems. QMAX is a user-controlled software platform that enables users to create and execute their own tests, tailored to their specific hardware and software. The platform is continuously evolving, with customized features added to QMAX as needed. Learn more about QMAX.

We recommend using a flexible testing platform for R&D, such as QMAX. In cases where your needs won't change during development, we can also design and build custom test software. Our customer case study on vehicle testing systems is a great example of this approach.



QMAX - R&D Testing Software

QMAX is a user-centric software platform where users can craft and execute their personalized tests, seamlessly linked to their designated hardware or software environments. These tests can be seamlessly transferred for real-time deployment on hardware or operated autonomously apart from a PC system. 


Control and Monitoring 

Chalmers University's Energy Technology Division seeks to transform power generation and necessitates a system for monitoring diverse sensor signals and controlling industrial equipment for research purposes. We addressed this by enhancing an existing program, involving users on-site in its development. Read more about the process and the result..

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