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Courses & Eduations

We offer courses that we have created ourselves and courses from NI (National Instruments). The courses are offered at our offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm, as well as other locations around Europe if desired. We have many years of experience in test and measurement technology and enjoy sharing our knowledge.


G# in LabVIEW

Flexible Structure

G# is a free LabVIEW add-on created by ADDQ. Initially designed as a successor to GOOP, G# has grown into ADDQ's standard development tool. It is a powerful but extremely flexible object-oriented LabVIEW platform. 

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NI Courses

2 to 5 days long

From program basics, to advanced architecture courses. Hosted in our offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm or at your work site. Software includes: LabVIEW, TestStand, VeriStand and DIAdem.


QRM Course

Flexible Structure

Courses designed by the QRM creator Mattias Ericsson. Learn how to use and integrate QRM in your workflow.

Arbetar hemma


QTM - Quality Test Management

QTM is an efficient remote management solution that ensures your test stations are always synchronized, updated, and continuously monitored. It guarantees the presence of correct test software, article configurations, and firmware for your products by swiftly publishing and deploying new releases with instant feedback.


QESTIT systems

Based in Gothenburg since 2009, we are a specialized consultancy offering customized test and measurement solutions. Our extensive experience supports your product development, delivering high-quality test systems that enhance efficiency and reduce development cycles. Explore our history and social responsibility initiatives to learn more.

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