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All products require some form of validation or testing before release. In some cases, this means implementing high volume production testing for PCBAs or Fast Moving Consumer Goods. In other cases, products will require flexible R&D testing, such as in the automotive or aeronautical industries. High value goods can even require both.

QESTIT Systems has test specialists for all stages of product development. We make systems for customers working in a large variety of industries. From low volume medical systems, to high production PCBA testing, we can make your testing simple.

So what kind of testing do you need?

Production Test Systems

What kind of solution your production test system needs depends on your production volume and your products complexity. Over the years we have accumulated knowledge, tools and solutions enabling us to quickly determine what is needed and to develop test systems for all productions.

As far as we can, we choose solutions that we have already successfully used in other projects. Software, test procedures and measuring methods developed in our previous projects can usually be reused and we purchase cabinets, fixtures and instruments from well-known suppliers. This enables us to focus on customer and product-specific parts of the test systems.

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Production Testing

Why do Production Testing?

Even the best plans cannot account for unexpected failures. At QESTIT, we understand that for some products quality cannot be compromised. A reliable test system keeps quality consistent, reduces total product cost/maintenance and increases customer satisfaction.

For the large scale production of products, automated production testing is the only practical solution. We'll work with you to develop, construct, install and maintain a complete test system. This covers everything from design to result management. We expect the unexpected, so you don't have to.


Some of the main advantages include:

  • A reduction in recalls and rework time - this decreases the overall cost of a product launch.

  • A higher quality product - increasing customer brand perception and brand value.

  • An understanding of common product failures - leading to better redesigns/innovation for future product releases.  

  • Peace of mind - feel comfortable that your product is safe, durable and meets various standards of quality.

How QESTIT Software Makes Testing Simple


When developing test systems, we use our test software platform QATS to streamline development and provide reliable solutions. QATS - the Quality Automated Test System - has been continually developed for over 10 years using feedback from our customers. It is a versatile test platform that can provide sequential or parallel testing to users in all areas of industry. QATS uses configurable XML files for managing testing. These can be easily changed in a simple text editor like Notepad. This drastically reduces development and maintenance time.

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The benefits include:​

  • A modular, plugin architecture where code can be re-used. This reduces development and maintenance time

  • A large range of features shaped by working professionals in the test industry

  • A stable code base which produces result and log files used for analysis and debugging

  • It can communicate with our Result Management Software (QRM) directly to store results online for searching/analysis


For a more detailed look at QATS, including a detailed video breakdown and screenshots, click the link.

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Our Production Tools and Experience

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Test Software

Choosing the right software solution for your test system makes it easier to create, run and maintain testing. This decreases development and makes future changes faster.


PCBA Fixtures

We provide instrumentation and fixture solutions for PCBA testing. We also can provide any other kind of specialized fixtures for your low or high volume production.


EOL Tests

End Of Line (EOL) tests validate the product’s functionality and quality before shipping items to the customer. They are essential when trying to ensure a successful product launch.

R&D Testing

R&D Test Systems

Unlike production testing, which has a machine carry out the same set of commands continuously, R&D tests prioritize user control first. Tests must be set by the user and are expected to be updated over time as the product or project changes. The test software must also adapt to different hardware or software inputs.


Introducing QMAX, QESTIT's R&D testing software. QMAX is a user controlled software platform where users can create and run their own tests, connected to their own hardware or software. In addition to this, custom features developed and added into QMAX if required. QMAX has already seen deployment in the household appliance and medical industries as it is flexible while also being robust.

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During R&D testing we encourage using a flexible platform, like QMAX. But if you have a specific requirement which will not change during development, we can also design and build custom test programs to suit your specific needs. Our Automotive Test System case study is a great example of where this approach yielded great success. Contact us using the information below to discuss other custom projects we've worked on.

Contact Us

For more information about our products or projects, please contact Mats Backlund, using the information below.


For more information about our products or projects, please contact Mats Backlund, using the information below.


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